How we work

Our ethos…

The founders and associates of Fly on the Wall Coaching have an abundance of experience in creating an environment to put people into stretch and make
them think deeper about their impact on the world around them. We work to inspire people to become aware of and align their energies, and seek
opportunities for self-development.

We promote a fresh perspective on communication, and in doing this we encourage individuals to gain a deeper understanding of self and how they can mobilise personal talent to gain business results through other

Our values…

Being honest

  • Staying authentic and true to ourselves
  • Offering feedback with heart and common sense
  • Sharing our stories
Being straightforward

  • Using concise and impactful language
  • Keeping the way we do business simple.
  • Asking you great questions to find solutions
Being fresh

  • We take the opportunity to up-skill
  • We generate ideas together with you
  • We utilise our network to source different perspectives.

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