Meet the team

Each member of the Fly on the Wall coaching team are highly skilled, experienced facilitators and specialists in their field. Each person has something extraordinary about them in that they have spent time in extreme, high performance environments across the globe. Aside from their skills and experience, they have been carefully selected for their personal alignment to the Fly on the Wall standards of operation and company values.

Lou Smith

Fly on the wall co-founder and director

My belief is that in developing others we need to make sure that we are prepared to go the extra mile in ensuring our own credentials and sense of self are bang up to date! Otherwise, what gives us the right to coach, mentor and inspire change in others?

As a mother, wife, coach and business director, I promote honesty, authenticity and clarity in the way I operate. I do this because everyone deserves to meet the real me, be told the truth and know exactly where they stand. Maybe this is my old fashioned up bringing shining through, but it seems to have worked for me in my life and my work so far. My vision is that those organisations, teams and individuals who choose to work with us, feel deeply inspired by the simple things that we do well.

I have been working in the field of performance, behaviour, and leadership development for many years and my style is kind, resourcesful and dedicated. When meeting people I am often energised by the challenge of helping them to step forward, and find a new direction or alternative solution. I believe that a learning and coaching opportunity is a privellege and a gift, and that in todays economic climate where resources are often scarce, it is important that we grab the opportunity for some personal development whenever the moment presents itself. Having a deep toolbox of skills and techniques is important to me and this is something I will always be building on, yet nothing beats real on the job experience, where you are working confidently and being fully present which are essential to success in the performance coaching world. This role gives me continual and true exposure to all aspects of peoples lives, which is a pretty damn amazing thing.

Martin Fricker

Fly on the wall co-founder & director

I have dedicated a significant part of my life to sharing principles that enable people to live fulfilling and successful lives. I want them to increase their reach and capacity and become the biggest and best possible version of themselves.

I know and believe that we all have untapped potential within us, and that this deserves to be shared with the world. My passion and inspiration come across in the way I work; for those people who want to change, I make it my personal responsibility to work with them to find a new path where they feel both supported and grounded.

Growing up in Bristol was, lets just say interesting, most definitely tough, and often truly brilliant. This rich life experience combined with many years of working in a peak performance coaching arena is what I bring to the table when I work with clients, colleagues and my two sons, both of whom have emerging professional sports careers. I am a genuine and caring emissary for todays challenging world of business and life. I am enthused by an opportunity to get you reconnecting with your health, your talent, your heart and your spirit. This work is exciting and dynamic and a great match for my passion. I am an incredibly proud person and deeply humbled and inspired by the people I meet.

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